Yes – The Pandemic

Like so many others, we have re-calibrated our lives during the Covid19 pandemic. ‘The Girls’ as we refer to the daughters of Axel vom Steffen Haus and Blackthorn’s Desta were ready for tracking certifications and doing well in their obedience training when the March shut-downs hit. We chose the conservative and safest route and that was to stay close to home and away from groups. We did achieve the American Kennel Club virtual titles of Rally Novice and Trick Dog Novice on three dogs so not all has been put on hold.

As we approach the new year of 2021, we are hopeful that we will get back to some kind of normal and back to training and titling progress.

Here is a broad overview of the girls in photos from puppy-hood to recent photos.

Anja vom Framheim or ‘Zeta’ is first:

Anka vom Framheim or ‘Bonk” :

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