Wishes for a Happy 2021!

For most, 2020 has been a tribulation. Many have lost family members and friends. A sense of isolation has affected everyone on this earth in one way or another. Our family in France, reported that hotels and restaurants are closed completely so that finding accommodation for guests has been a mammoth undertaking. New Year’s Eve had a curfew of 8:00PM! Street scenes for New Years’ Eve in almost every country showed desolate and empty cities except for New Zealand and Australia where the virus has largely been contained. Our family and friends in both of those countries say that life is getting back to normal – although a new normal since international travel is restricted.

Re-calibrating lives had its positives, too. Our dogs, Kit, Zeta and Bonk, adjusted quickly to life at home. As long as they have play and training time and lots of toys and treats, life is a blast! Finding joy in simpler activities for us humans took a bit of an adjustment. In time, gardening, long-overdue work on projects and outings with the dogs to track and train have brought enrichment that we had taken for granted BC – Before Covid19. Years ago, I enjoyed cooking and baking and have, albeit gradually, begun to enjoy puttering in the kitchen again. Of course, the dogs think home-cooked treats and meals are just fine, too.

We realize that our lives will continue in this quiet style for awhile longer as the vaccine, the seemingly only way out of this mess – is taking some time to get to us. The dogs don’t care! So – we will take our cue from them and find joy in simple things. A winter of romping in the snow, warming ourselves by the fire, reading books. Time ahead to help others where we can, knowing that some of us are facing challenges and hardships. Be kind. Be generous. A smile given even to a grumpy face – especially to a grumpy face! A gift to a charity. Be there for others when we can.

So – as I go forward into the new year, I remind myself to follow my dogs’ lead in finding joy daily in simple activities.

We and the dogs wish you happiness, contentment and well-being.

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