Let the fun begin-

A BLOG! My website comes with a blog! The world population is 7 billion people and there must be at least twice that many blogs. Being realistic here, who is likely to read one more blog? My husband, of course (unless he fancies preparing his own dinner), our kids and their spouses (they’re perfect) and my mom (Ooh, let me check that I have ‘approve comments’ activated!).
My dogs would read my blog. They have an uncanny understanding of language although somewhat limited to their special interests. Reading, though, has not caught on with them. They prefer to watch their media: TV and computer with an emphasis on nature programs. They searched a long time for the wolverine kits that ran off the screen while watching PBS Nature. They were convinced the wolverines ran into our bathroom which is just around the corner from the bedroom TV. Zen searched the bathroom with his every cell ready for the Great Wolverine Encounter. He’s now past this and onto the Great Deer Encounter as the deer reassemble in our gardens, studying which of our plantings they will graze upon next.
As my husband and I stretched deer fencing around the most vulnerable of these plantings, he suggested we post venison recipes to discourage the deer. So – maybe the deer will read my blog?
After my few decades of training dogs in general and breeding, rearing and training German Shepherd Dogs in particular, I suspect this blog will be dog-centric. I have been lucky to live with a variety of shepherd personalities, observing and participating in their social network. Dogs are amazing creatures. They still teach me much and I suspect I have lots more to learn from them.
Let the fun begin!

(While I learn this new ‘technology’, excuse the inevitable mistakes!)

Cora vom Framheim SchH1