The 'Aa' litter

The 'AA' litter was whelped on 31 March 2018. Their father is V Axel vom Steffen Haus SchH3 FH IPO3 KKL-1a LBZ who was born in 1987. Axel was a son of 1986-87 VA Quando Arminius so this litter goes back to an important time in the history of the German shepherd. Axel was a talented worker with all V-rated tracking scores. He was a dog with strong character and a sound mind. A once-in-a-lifetime dog! He is pictured at 18 months of age below.

The mother of the 'AA' litter is Blackthorn's Desta BNV, RA, TD, TKN, OFA G/N DM Clear. 'Kit' is a perceptive, loyal and fun-loving dog. Her sense of humor entertains everyone who meets her. She has been a superb mother. Her pedigree goes back to excellent dogs with West and East German working lines and a bit of wonderful West German show lines.